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Contemporary Korean Art: ‘The Points of the Compass’
June 14-July 20, 2008
The exhibition is being presented at Mexico and Cuba to introduce the artworks of twelve Korean artists.
Venue: Mexico City, Havana
Organizers: Korea Foundation, Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the United Mexican States

International Conference on Korean Studies in Ukraine
July 1-2, 2008
Professors from Korea, Ukraine, Russia, and the CIS participated in a conference to exchange information about Korea-related academic and cultural endeavors.
Venue: Shevchenko Kyiv National University, Ukraine
Organizer: Shevchenko Kyiv National University

Seoul Spring Festival in China 2008
July 1-9, 2008
Performers from the Seoul Spring Festival of Chamber Music will stage presentations in Beijing and Shanghai to commemorate the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games.
Venue: China Nat ional Cent er for the Performing Arts, Shanghai Oriental Art Center- Performance Hall
Organizers: Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Seoul Spring Festival Organizing Committee, Korea Foundation, China National Center for the Performing Arts

International Seminar on Korea in Spain
July 2, 2008
An annual international seminar that is intended to demonstrate the brilliance of Korea’s traditional art in Spain.
Venue: Complutense University of Madrid
Organizers: Spanish Center on Korean Research

5th Korea-Spain Forum
July 2-4, 2008
Some 30 representatives from Korea and Spain gathered to exchange thoughts on the discussion subjects of “Korea-Spain Relations” and “City and New Technology.” In addition, the Korea Foundation and Casa Asia signed an MOU to expand academic and cultural exchanges between the two countries.
Venue: Lotte Hotel, Seoul
Organizers: Korea Foundation, Casa Asia
Contact: Policy and Research Department

Arab Cultural Festival: Kuwait Art Exhibition
July 8-11, 2008
Some 40 artworks featuring Arabic motifs by Thuraya Al-Baqsami, an influential Kuwaiti female artist and writer, will be featured in an art exhibition at the KF Cultural Center, in conjunction with an Arab Cultural Festival.
Venue: Gallery Areum, KF Cultural Center
Organizer: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Support: KFCC, the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Korea

Chinese Association for Korean Language Education and Research
July 9-10, 2008
At the 8th annual conference, 100 participants from Korea and China, including 80 scholars who presented papers, gathered to discuss key issues related to the development of Korean language education in China.
Venue: Luoyang Companionship Hotel
Organizer: Chinese Association for Korean Language Education and Research

Contemporary Korean Art: ‘To Have or To Be’
July 9-December 5, 2008
A t o u r i n g e x h i b i t i o n o f 1 0 Ko r e a n contemporary artists is being presented in Ireland, Portugal, and Hong Kong.
Venue: Ireland, Portugal, Hong Kong
Organizers: Korea Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Korean Studies Workshop for U.S. Educators
July 10-23, 2008
A total of 102 social studies teachers, educational administrators and textbook writers from the U.S. will visit Korea to attend seminars/lectures related to Korea and visit historic attractions and traditional cultural performances
Venue: Yonsei University
Organizers: Korea Foundation, Institute of Modern Korean Studies, Yonsei University

Korean Studies ‘Golden Bell Challenge’ in Vietnam
July 11, 2008
To promote Korean Studies in Vietnam, the Foundation will host a quiz program, based on the format of the popular “Golden Bell Challenge” (KBS), for Korean language students in Vietnam.
Venue: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Korean Studies Workshop for European Educators
July 15-28, 2008
Fourteen educators from European countries will visit Korea to participate in seminars and lectures on Korea and visit historic attractions and traditional cultural performances.
Venue: Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University
Organizers: Korea Foundation, Graduate School of International Studies, Hanyang University

Intellectual Training Program for Chinese Scholars of Korean Studies
July 16-18, 2008
Special lectures series and forum on Korean Studies will be held for Chinese scholars and students pursuing doctoral degrees.
Venue: International Conference Hall, Yanbian University
Organizer: Yanbian University

Genesis: Works by Ariel Ruiz i Altaba and Yun-Hee Toh
July 17-August 1, 2008
A joint exhibition that seeks to address such issues as identity and the reality of everyday life suspended between the worlds of art and science.
Venue: Galleries Nuri and Areum, Korea Foundation Cultural Center
Organizer: Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul

International Conference on the Topography
July 20-23, 2008
Scholars from Canada, China, Korea, Germany, UK, and US will gather to discuss topography and the knowledge of the world geography in the late Medieval East Asia focusing on Chinese and Korean medieval maps.
Venue: Yanbian University
Organizer: Yanbian University

6th Korean Studies Workshop for High School Teachers
July 21-24, 2008
The workshop event is designed to provide school teachers in Vietnam wi th an opportunity to understand more about Korea through informational lectures on Korea. Venue: Nha Trang City
Co-organizer: Vietnamese Academy of Social
Sciences (VASS)/Korea Foundation

6th KF Forum: UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura
July 22, 2008
The 6th KF Forum will feature UNESCO Director-General Koichiro Matsuura as guest speaker. About 100 specialists from the culture, education, and science areas will attend the event.
Venue: Seoul Plaza Hotel, Seoul
Contact: Policy and Research Department

Invitation Program
July 2008
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt (July 1-7); Mr. Yafesi Ogwang, Senior Economist of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda (July 5-11); Next-Generation Leaders from Malaysia (July 7-14); Next-Generation Leaders from Korea, China, and Japan (July 10-20); Next-Generation Leaders from the Middle East (July 15-22).

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