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2013 Cultural Lecture Series I: Baroque & Rococo


2013 Cultural Lecture Series I: Baroque & Rococo

The KF Cultural Center is hosting a lecture series on the Baroque and Rococo periods, with talks on European society, architecture, and art during the 17th and 18th centuries, an especially rich period for exchange in the West. Since 2006, KFCC has been working to promote the Korean public’s understanding of world culture through lectures in which experts share their knowledge on various areas of world history, culture, and art. Topics in the past have included Islamic culture, world music, world cultural heritage, and the Renaissance. This latest event, which follows last year’s letcture series “Mediterranean Story,” is a wonderful chance to broaden your horizons on European culture and history.
  • 3/26-5/28 Every Tuesday 7pm-9pm
  • KF Cultural Center Seminar Room
    (19th fl., West Tower, Mirae Asset CENTER1 Bldg.)
  • Culture & Arts Department, KF
    02)2151-6520 /
  • Free
2013 Cultural Lecture
Date Topic Speaker
3.26 The Decline of the Mediterranean World Kim Eung-jong
4.2 Professor of History,
Chungnam National University
4.2 Religious Wars and Absolute Monarchy in the Baroque and Rococo Ages
4.9 Squares and Palaces of the Baroque Era Kim Ran-soo
4.16 Professor of Architecture,
Myongji University
4.16 Major Structures of the Baroque and Rococo Eras
4.23 European Art of the 17th and 18th Centuries Lee Eun-gi
Professor of Art Education,
Mokwon University
4.30 Two Discourses on Modernization: Classical and Romantic Kim Kil-woong
Professor of German Language &
Literature, Sungshin Women’s University
5.7 World of Art and Music during the Baroque and Rococo Eras Kim Young-ock
Professor of Composition,
Suwon University
5.14 Neoclassicism and Melodrama Woo Su-jin
Professor of Korean Language &
Literature, Yonsei University
5.21 Interior Layout and Decoration during the Baroque and Rococo Eras Chun Jin-hie
Professor of Interior Design,
Sangmyung University
5.28 Influences of the Baroque and Rococo Eras on Society Lee- Young-gwan
Professor of International Cultural Studies,
Soon Chun Hyang University
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